Value Of A Consultant

support, motivation and strategies

As a consultant, the entire time of the session is spent with the client providing support, motivation and tidying strategies. The effect, however, does not stop when the session ends. It extends further than the home into every aspect of your life. You may feel less anxious and overwhelmed providing you with better sleep. Control and confidence in your decisions, an increase in your general happiness, more free time to spend with your loved ones. A conscious consumer which in turn leads to spending less money. A renewed love of your wardrobe. A new lease of life.

‘Procrastination is the thief of time.’ Charles Dickens.  A consultant will guide and keep you on track ensuring good time keeping so you complete your tidying journey in quicker time than you may have done it on your own. During tidying it may be tempting to read your books or letters, or reminisce with photographs, a consultant will focus you and ensure that you follow the correct order of categories. It is also reassuring to know that you are doing it correctly and be able to answer any questions that you may have to provide you with confidence.

A consultant will notice patterns, likes and dislikes that emerge that you may not have noticed yourself. This may give you a better insight into the lifestyle you want to live. It may be a preference for certain colours, styles or a distaste in similar items. Perhaps you are continually holding onto items that have been gifted by a specific person with feelings of guilt without realising. An additional person to communicate with and talk things through can allow your feelings to emerge giving you clarity by talking out loud to resolve an underlying issue. One of my client’s said, ‘It was nice to have someone there who wouldn’t judge and question why items were being discarded.’ Decisions can  be made easier and clearer with the support of an impartial person.

Life is busy and prioritising tidying can be put off. A consultant will give you unbiased support and structure which may be the motivator needed to hold you accountable, ensuring you stick to your commitments and reach your end goal to live your ideal lifestyle. The above may influence future purchases, acceptance of gifts, give you confidence in your decisions and brave enough to make choices on your own. All of this will help you to identify your own style in both your home and your life as a whole, leading to a purer way of living.   

What My Clients Are Saying


I thought I was reasonably organised before, but the difference Romana has made to my day to day living is unbelievable. I am really pushed for space and live with someone who doesn’t like to ever like get rid of anything, so I wondered how KonMari could work for me – but wow what a difference! Not only is my home becoming decluttered but also my mind and my general sense of wellbeing has massively increased by living in a nicer environment. I now know exactly what I’ve got and where, this is also saving me money; no more impulsive shopping buying things I already have or won’t ever wear -  a very welcome side effect that I wasn’t expecting at all. It’s had such an effect on me, even the hoarder of the house has recognised the benefits and is changing his ways. Thank you, Romana you have empowered me. You are an inspiration, not to mention patient and emphatic, and I could never have achieved this on my own.


I was excited to let Romana loose in my home! I have a lot of things, so was in need of some clarity and organisation.  From the moment she arrived at my first session, she put me at ease and there was never any pressure to rush through things. As we worked through each category, I felt a little overwhelmed at first, but she quickly taught me how to organise my things and so it became easy to categorise my items and in my head everything became so much clearer and much less overwhelming! I am now continuing to live my life and run my home, with only those items that spark joy! Romana is a true professional and her knowledge and passion for what she does is faultless. I feel very lucky that she has helped me change my mindset about the things I keep in my home.


Romana has done an exceptional job at helping me through this wonderful (but challenging) time! At the beginning of my KonMari experience I felt very vulnerable and Romana knew exactly what to say to help me through all the categories and she was more than willing to go out of her way to ensure I got it all complete in time for our tight schedule. Not only does Romana have an eye for design and layout, she cares about the overall happiness of those she is working with.I have found a new love for my house and those items that spark joy within it and I am now not embarrassed when a friend pops by! (previously I'd be trying to stuff items into cupboards to make everything has a home and it's easy to keep tidy!) Romana deserves a 5-star rating and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her!If you're not happy with how you live or considering a change, take that first step and may feel scary but I promise you won't regret it!


I highly recommend Romana if you want to experience the true magic of decluttering your home the Marie Kondo way. She is such a calm, reassuring person who holds the space for you to make decisions that can be really difficult to make by yourself. She has a great way of helping you to think differently about decluttering and the results are wonderful. I am still on my journey but I am already enjoying my home so much more and finding it a more relaxing environment and so much easier to keep clean and tidy! Thank you Romana!


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