The KonMari Method


There are six imperative steps to beginning your KonMari™ tidying journey that will support you in reaching your success of a tidy home and tidy mind.

Commit yourself to tidying up
Imagine your ideal lifestyle
Finish discarding first
Tidy by category, not location
Follow the right order
Ask yourself if it sparks joy



There are five categories in total which can be further divided into sub-categories and are worked on in the specific order shown below. The reason for this order is to allow you to hone in on your ‘joy’ senses. Generally, as clothing is worn close to you, it is the easiest category to start with, then books and so on, finally ending with sentimental which, by this point you would have truly honed in on what ‘sparks joy’ for you and how you would like to live your ideal lifestyle both inside and outside of the home.


Are you aware of every item of clothing you own? Do you know how many pairs of shoes you have? Do you wear every item still? Does your wardrobe reflect who you are? Do your clothes flatter and fit you? Has that section of maybe one day served you lately? Does your wardrobe make you smile when you open the doors? Are all of your clothes in a good state of repair? Do your clothes make you happy?


Does your book collection reflect you? Are your book for your benefit or a show for others? When was the last time you read your books? Do you know where to find all of your books? Is your home full with business books? Is the information still relevant?


Do you know where to locate all of your documents? When was the last time you needed to use that large manual? Are you drowning in papers? Do you have unopened mail? Is your ‘to do’ list continually growing out of control? Is paper taking up a lot of your valuable physical and mental space?

Komono (miscellaneous)

Is your home organised to suit your lifestyle? Can you find everything you own with ease? Has everything got a place of its own? Is your home a storage space rather than a living space? Does everyone in the home know where to find and access items? Are you spending excess money by duplicating items? Do you feel how you want to feel as you walk through your home?


Is every individual piece you have a truly special item? Are you holding onto things out of want or guilt? Does the physical item need to be kept to keep the memory? Are you displaying your special items in a joy filled way? Is holding onto past items holding you back from moving forwards?

Tidying Festival


Ready to change your mindset and enter a purer way of living. The first step is to commit to the process which truly is life-changing. Purer Living can guide, support and motivate you through your whole journey or perhaps a specific area that you have stumbled on. Every category is given dedicated time for you to focus what brings you joy, thank and discard those that don’t and organise beautifully and effectively. You will benefit from this process in both home and mind, gaining control and confidence in how you want to live. 

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