Frequently Asked Questions

What areas does Purer Living service?

Wimborne and surrounding areas up to 15 miles. Working outside of this may be subject to additional fees and expenses.

Who is KonMari™ for?

The KonMari™ Method is for anyone who has decided they would like to tidy their home and is committed to the process. 

What are the benefits of working with a KonMari™ Consultant?

You may have decided that you would like to create your ideal living space at home or you may have begun to tidy but have been unable to complete it. Romana will provide support, guidance and motivation to achieve the home you envisage.

Should I be present?

Yes. It is you who will be doing the tidying and organising with Romana there to offer support, guidance and motivation with her knowledge of the KonMari™ method.

How many sessions will I need?

This is a very individual process and is therefore dependant on the size of your home, volume of items and the pace at which you work. After the initial consultation Romana will suggest how many sessions may be required however this may change due to the above factors.

How should I prepare prior to the session?

There is no need to prepare anything. Please don’t tidy up prior to the session. No judgements will be made. Romana is there to support and guide you through the tidying process and will discuss suggestions for preparation with you, such as gathering items together to maximise the time, should this be something you would like to do.

Am I required to tidy outside of the sessions?

This is your personal journey and you determine how much you do in your own time. Romana will suggest ‘Joy Tasks’ for those who would like to continue tidying outside of the sessions. 

Will I need to get rid of things?

No. This is a positive process focusing on what to keep by determining what ‘sparks joy’ to you. All decisions to keep or discard items are entirely yours, Romana will guide you to find what truly ‘sparks joy’.

Should I buy additional storage boxes and do you sell them?

There is no need to buy additional storage. Romana will help you to utilise the space you currently have and at the end of the whole process you may purchase additional storage should you wish. Purer Living does not sell storage boxes.

Are you insured?

Yes. Purer Living holds Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance with Westminster Insurance.