Becoming A KonMari Consultant


Becoming a KonMari™ Consultant was a light bulb moment for me. I have a background in Primary School Teaching, a degree in Psychology and a love Interior Design. After having my children my priorities changed and I was looking for a career to fit in with my lifestyle. While reading Marie Kondo’s best selling book, ‘the life-changing magic of tidying’, a particular passage resonated with me. Marie spoke about how tidying had always been something she had done which got me thinking about what I had always enjoyed doing which was organise houses. From a young age I would re-arrange my bedroom every few weeks and any other room in the house that I was able to. My friends would ask for my help with ideas for their homes. That was the beginning of my journey to become a certified KonMari™ Consultant.

The environment that I am in has a big affect on how I feel.  Therefore, it is important to me to live in a tidy, joy filled space.  The impact of tidying my own home using the KonMari™ method was life changing which led me on to wanting to share this wonderful feeling with others and help support them to achieve the same feeling.  This method tidies your home, but it extends so much further into all aspects of your life giving you clarity of the mid, confidence and control to live the life you desire. A tidy home really is a tidy mind.

I enjoy every part of my role but most of all meeting people from all wakes of life and helping them to achieve the positive impact that comes from turning your vision of an ideal lifestyle into a reality.

The Essence of Purer Living

spark joy

Hummingbirds open our minds and hearts to the wonders of the world. They are symbolic as light bringing healers who carry love and joy to those they encounter. They drink nectar so are always searching for the sweetness in life. Their wings create a figure of eight, the symbol for infinity when they hover. They remind us of the power of adaptability with their ability to fly in all directions, moving into action when needed. Their lightness reminds us to lighten up, letting go of worry, doubt and fear to enable us to follow a path that ‘sparks joy’. Their have the mindset akin to anyone who embraces the KonMari™ Method; adaptability, resilience, playfulness, optimism and a mindful outlook.